Chit Fund Software for Chit Fund Companies

In Chit fund agreement, a specific amount of money is deposited regularly by different individuals. After a particular period of time, the amount is returned to the subscribers along with interest. The basic aim of chit funding is to collect small savings of individuals and convert into a big amount.

Chit Fund Software makes the chit find accounting work quite easy. The software is specially customized for Chit Funding purpose. This software offers secured online access to the members of Chit fund. Members can also have an idea about next payment information and loan details etc.

The software comprises of all necessary facilities and features needed to simplify your Chit Fund activities. The Chit Fund software is quite reliable and understandable. A person who possesses basic knowledge of computer can easily operate this software. It is specially customized to carry all the activities related to Chit Fund management.

We create customized Chit Fund software for all chit fund companies which offer outstanding statements, chit details, customer details, chit is taken details, amount collection details, all outstanding reports, etc.